10 Reasons to Partner with TeachersInTouch

About The CEO


We aim to make school improvement easier. Supporting teachers by reducing their workload and Improving their efficacy is our GOAL. Here are top 10 reasons to partner with TeachersInTouch.

1) For Educators by Educators​

We are partners in educating our youth. We support the school, not just TeachersInTouch. When you join our family. We join your family.

2) Focused on Helping Educators

We value teachers. Each screen is designed with helping the teacher in mind. How can we make it more powerful and productive so that the teacher does not waste a single second on paperwork

3) Our word is our bond!

TeachersInTouch delivers what it promises. Reduce your Paperwork and Burnout Make school improvement easier to do, monitor, and support!

4) Experts on Education

Decades of experience: With over 30 years of experience and an avid appetite for learning, we leverage our experiences and knowledge to coach and support leading, teaching, and learning. Our consultant team coaches and supports you to achieve your goals.

5) Reliable Educator Support

– In the trenches with you, we provide support, resources, etc. But we also provide the actual documents and processes that you need. So we not only make it easier to communicate but we also provide the content used to communicate.

6) Client's GOAL oriented

Goal-oriented: We are laser-focused on helping you achieve your goals in attendance, parental engagement,behavior management, and progress monitoring.

7) Real-time Data + Robust     


Get real-time actionable data on all stakeholders to improve teaching and learning. Support all stakeholders based on relevant data. In other words, support a teacher based on that individual’s efforts not just student achievement
data that has other factors involved.

8) Committed to Partners

We are client-centric. We seek your input on how we can improve and better meet your needs. Customizing TeachersInTouch is always available to our Partners.

9) Instant Technical Support

As educators, support of kinds is in our DNA. Technical support is available no matter what. We stand behind TeachersInTouch and will fix any issue.

10) Passion driven

It was a teacher who helped me, so I want to help teachers help students. TeachersInTouch is our way to live in our purpose of helping teachers help students.