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  • Simple parent communication
  • Referrals to administration
  • Document disruptive behavior
  • Manage special needs paperwork

One of the biggest challenges of today's teachers is the amount of paperwork and documentation that is required for compliance. Teachers are spending more time filling out forms, tracking behaviors, and managing paperwork, than doing what they're hired to do - and that is teach children.

Add TeachersInTouch to Subtract Paperwork


Robust Reporting

TeachersInTouch will document everything for you. Make data-driven decisions with robust reporting that can be easily exported to improve your class and school.



Since we are for educators by educators. We give you more BANG for your every action. Our TinTelligence gives you a greater return on your actions.


Parent/Teacher Communication

Easily text, email, call to update parents. Keep track of them all too.


Referral Management

Each student is different and needs individualized attention. Get everyone InTouch with our referral feature in order to support the whole child. Keep track of them all too. Easily log behavior and interventions.



A teacher’s work is never done. And each year even more gets piled on. Our task feature helps to manage it all.


RTI Process Management

Burdensome paperwork and time consuming processes, make supporting children overwhelming. TeachersInTouch puts documenting incidents, interventions, and results easy as 1-2- 3.

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TeachersInTouch is an extraordinary online resource that rewards teachers with the ease of doing business with all school stakeholders. TinT provides you with a one-stop shop for communicating and establishing protocols.
Naja Freeman, Gifted Teacher, APS
This is the one stop education solution to communicate with all stakeholders. TinT makes it very easy to create reports and disaggregate pertinent school data. The TeachersInTouch interface is exceptionally user-friendly. It was an ease to train teachers and parents on TeachersInTouch. Hands down-- the best communication software I've ever used.
Shermaine Jennings, Assistant Principal, APS

Number of behavior incidents documented


Number of parent contacts documented

Let TeachersInTouch document, track and report your interventions today!