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Paperwork, call parents, documentation? Yes TinT™ can do that!

When you are ready for more?

We believe everything affects teaching and learning.

And everything is a lot.

Robust Reporting
Get to the root cause of any situation with our filter, group, and sort features that make decision-making clearer.
Each screen is powerful, productive and engaging
Careful attention to detail to make doing the right work easier. Our user experience is important to us.
Return on Investment
The power of TinT is that it makes your device your personal assistant with task management, paperwork completion, documentation, and much more.

Improve Teacher Morale


You take one step, TinTelligence takes two. You contact parents, we document it and much more. We help complete the workflow behind the scenes so you can focus on quality teaching and learning.

Robust Reporting

Need documentation. No worries. TinT Reports documents your every action from paperwork, emails, texts, referrals, calls and more. All in one place, too!

Parent/Teacher Communication

Effective school to parent communication is more than mere notifications. Have meaningful parent communication. And track it all too.


Burdensome paperwork and time consuming processes, make supporting children overwhelming.

RTI Process Management

Burdensome paperwork and time consuming processes, make supporting children overwhelming.

Referral Management

Need referrals to counselor, social worker, administrator and everyone else. Complete, send, and document referrals plus notify the parent all in one place.

Let TeachersInTouch handle the communication workflow for you.

“We want to help make every moment a teacher spends is dedicated to improving student learning and not wasted on busy work and red tape.”

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