Let TeachersInTouch Do The Work So You Can Teach!


Since we are for educators by educators not some tech or business guy taking advantage of an opportunity. TeachersInTouch is designed to be interwoven into the school’s DNA. Try us out to find out more about our secret sauce.

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Improve positive parent involvement


improved student achievement.

Parent/Teacher communication is more than just a series of updates. We believe communication builds relationships and trust. TeachersInTouch eases this important endeavor by affording the ability to create and use canned messages and letters; document all communications; schedule text messages; and remind you who to contact.

RTI—Make doing the right work easier.

Response to intervention is key to closing the achievement gap and addressing the whole child. RTI is not only a best practice it is also required by law. Districts face lawsuits and fines because of lack of compliance. TeachersInTouch is where the rubber meets the road in the classroom. Completing your paperwork, documenting incidents, interventions, and results are all at your fingertips. Share this with your special education specialists.

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Robust Reporting

We teach children in the accountability age so we have to bring data to every conversation. Monitor attendance, behavior, and academics to identify students who need more support. Also monitor the school’s efforts in meeting all students’ needs.

Referral Management

Streamline the referral process and use the data to determine support and resource allocation. Referrals are not just the administrator’s job. Support staff are integral to the referral process.

Behavioral and Incident Management

Incidents happen, TinT simplies your response from interventions, documentation, referrals, parent contacts, and more.


Teachers are counselors, parents, disciplinarians, and much, much more. This ToDo is made with teachers in mind.

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