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Our Story

Innovative School Tools LLC was born after over 40+ years of combined experience in education. As educators, we were overwhelmed with burdensome paperwork, putting in 60+ hours per week and begging for a solution. We wanted to be more productive so that we could spend more time with students and teachers. As parents, we were frustrated with communication and ensuring that our children were getting a quality education that was tailored to their abilities. Being both parents and educators, we possessed a unique perspective into this multi-layered problem.
Since we could not find a solution, we decided to create one.


Our solution transforms teaching, so that every moment a teacher spends is dedicated to improving student learning and not wasted on busy work and red tape. So we want to improve the education for all students by helping ALL stakeholders to DO more.


Our primary goal at Innovative School Tools is to provide the necessary tools that dramatically shift the work balance to create an environment that is conducive to quality teaching and engaged learning. As we strive to meet this goal, we are mindful of our mission- Improve the education for all students by helping ALL stakeholders to DO more

Our Core

IST believes


All education stakeholders want to do their best for kids.

Everything affects teaching & learning.

Technology at the fingertips of stakeholders changes the conversation of education spend

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