This is our first blog post and we felt that we should begin the conversation by introducing ourselves. 

We are a company of educators who work extremely hard and spend a lot of time on ALL the things that we educators do.  The founders of Innovative School Tools LLC have 30+ years in education.  We have served as teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators, and tutors.  We are also parents and students.  Our unique experience provides us an up close view of school issues and student achievement concerns. 

In fact, Innovative School Tools was born from me being overwhelmed with paperwork, putting in 60+ hours per week and begging for a solution. Since we could not find a solution, we decided to create one:

As educators, we are 100% positive that an educator’s work is never done.  As we listened to others and reflected, it became clearer to us that we weren’t the only ones who both loved the work but were also overwhelmed by it.

We want TeachersInTouch to help educators to spend less time on red tape and bureaucracy and more time focusing on helping students learn and achieve.

Please stay tuned for more discussion on education, student achievement, and much more.  In the meantime, visit